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Welcome to the Allensbach campsite
before you go on, please use our direct services and guidance

Order your bread rolls until 8:00 pm and pick them up the next morning from 8:00 am at the kiosk

We are happy to welcome you to our restaurant daily from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. Take a look at our menu

Keep an overview with our campsite map

Further important information

Our reception is open daily from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Token for shower / washing machine
receive them at the reception for 1.00 EUR. Tokens left over can be returned when you check out.
If the reception is already closed, you can also purchase it at the kiosk

Chemical toilet
Emptying and fresh water for mobile homes can be found next to the campsite entrance (see campsite map)
Trollies can also emptied behind the lounge (see campsite map)

Night sleep grilling etc.
In the interest of your neighbours, we ask you to not let music run from 10:00 pm and to behave considerately.
From 0:00 am there is absolute night’s sleep.
Barbecue is allowed, provided the grill has a minimum distance of 50cm from the floor.
Please also take your neighbours into account.
Especially if you use coal grilling (smoke development, odour development etc.)

Please lead your dog in the campsite ALWAYS on a leash.
Dogs are NOT allowed in the lake on the campground.
A swimming spot for your loved dog can be found a little further west outside the campground at the “Seegarten”.
Please remember at any time that only a few campsites at Lake Constance allow dogs. We will remain in our regulation as long as dog owners adhere to the rules mentioned.
Based on our experiences of recent years, we are punishing violations with direct reference to the site

Garbage and empty bottles
Please dispose of your garbage in our garbage room (see campsitesite map)
Please do NOT put empty bottles in the garbage room. Outside the place, diagonally opposite the reception you will find a glass container

Here are other useful tips on events, excursions and timetables for shipping companies

Take a look at our excursion tips, the most important addresses in Allensbach (supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.) as well as a selection of bike tours.

Take a trip by boat to the island of Reichenau. Here you will find the timetable. The ferry dock can be found towards the village centre by always walking as close to the water as possible (approx. 10 min.)

The current weekly tips for concerts and events in Allensbach. Further information can also be found directly on the website of the municipality of Allensbach

Around the lake with the BSB. Timetable and sightseeing tours of Lake Constance shipping businesses