Campingplatz Allensbach

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Grounds and Lodges

Caravan Grounds
Our site operates roughly 135 grounds for caravans situated comfortable in the half shade of trees or on there meadow or at the lake side. Every ground has electricity available. Walking distance to the sanitary facilities is never more than 150m from each of the sites. The whole site features free Wi-Fi. Beacuse a decent barbecue makes your holiday complete it’s allowed to use a standing grill fired by gas or charcoal.

Caravan sites

Satellite Receivers
We’re trying to install you on ground with trouble free satellite reception but we can not guarantee it due to natural obstacles or confounders like trees.

Tent Area
The tent area offers space for about 80 tens partly located directly at the lake side or under the trees. The sanitary facilities are about 100m of walking distance as is the community kitchen, the sinks and the lounge room. Fancy an ice cream? Restaurant and Kiosk are view close by. A playground with sandbox and swing is here too. Barbecues with gas or charcoal are welcomed as long as you use a standing grill. Once to use grills on the ground a definitely forbidden!
There’s electricity available at every pitch on the tent ground. You need to bring along a CEE adapter as used for caravans. 
The camp ground is a car free space so it’s not allowed to park the car next to the tent. Check in and check out however is possible. We ask you not to exceed parking time of one hour on the ground. FreenWi-Fi is available. 

Cyclist Lodges
We operate 8 lodges for 2 people with about 6 sqm per bedroom and simple furniture like bunkbeds. Furthermore we offer 2 similar bigger lodges for 4 people. A sheltered room for bicycles is available. The lodges are in vicinity to the community facilities. Free Wi-Fi is available.