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Young People and Groups

Hints and Code of Conduct for Young People and Groups on the Camping Ground Allensbach

Camping for teenagers under 18 years is only allowed with a permission of a legal guardian. Consent and Disclaimer of Legal Guardian. We accept only our own form. At least one legal guardian has to sign it. Please also print out the term sheet for young people and take it along with you. Please print out the leaflet, sign it and bring it along.

Camping für Jugendliche
General Rules (German)
Leaflet for Young to Sign Off
Leaflet for Young to Sign Off
Consent and Disclaimer Legal Guardian
Consent and Disclaimer Legal Guardian

Side Note:
Purpose of the leaflet is to make sure you realize the important rules to get a long with our non juvenile campers, families and elder people and to make sure that we all together have a great time on the site. In the neighborhood we’ve got a residential area as well. So from the nature of things at a camping site a lot of different individuals gather together and it’s important to show a high degree of respect to each other.

Night Rest
At 22:00 we enter night rest time. Playback of music is no longer allowed. Sitting and talking in normal quietness of rooms should be still OK though. At 24:00 it’s absolute night rest time. You must stay in your tents and be quite. Other people must and should be ALLOWED to sleep. The surroundings are NOT optional party locations. The local residents are also allowed to sleep.

Trash Disposal and Waste Separation
Littering on the camp ground by juveniles is by NO MEANS acceptable. If anyone litters a little around we have in effect an unbearable situation. To fight that from the beginnings anyone has to college his own garbage close to her tent, separate it and finally sort it out in our trash room. The trash room is open from 9:00 to 21:00. Trash has to be separated for recycling by paper, plastic wrappings (yellow bag), remainder trash, compost degradables, glas deposit and non deposit glas bottles, cork and batteries. Hint: trash avoiding is the best recycling. Another hint: bottle caps are trash as well. Bottle caps are hard to dispose if they’re littered on the meadow or the lake side. They are not just ugly but cause harmful injuries especially to little kids’ feeds. No bottles in the lake or in the wash rooms. No smoking in the wash rooms either. No unnecessary wandering around with open bottles on the site.
Massive violations against these rules we will be followed up because our staff has extra effort and hence we might suffer losses.

Consumption of alcohol is forbidden for juveniles below the age of 16. 16 and 17 year olds are allowed to drink beer and wine and other „weak“ alcoholic drinks in moderate amounts. We are a camp site and no bing drinking venue for the youth. Excessive drinking is generally forbidden. Beeing drunk accompanied with a loss of control (e.g. balance disorder, screaming, etc.) leads to an immediate sending-off from the location.

Rule of deposit
To make sure we don’t suffer financial loss due to situations described above we preserve us the right to keep a deposit of EUR 50,00 per person at the check in. Attention! The deposit is not a upfront payment for the bill. The bill has to be paid generally in advance. We hope that the deposit will make you think about your responsibilities on the site and help us to avoid damage. It’s not meant to be any kind of profit making for us but a way to make sure that the described damages will not happen at all. The deposit then after will of course be fully paid back to you.

Generally forbidden are
Shopping carts on the site, one way barbecue grills, open fire, careless disposal of cigarette butts and bottle caps.
Disregarding these rules will lead to an immediate sending-off and the deposit will be lost.