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Our Buildings

Community Lounge and Sanitary Facilities




Sanitary Facilities
The site offers three modern sanitary facilities in two buildings with toilettes, showers, and a wash room. Between the ladys and gents area there’s a kids area with extra kids toilets, showers and sinks. A baby space is here too.

A wheelchair accessible washroom with toilet shower and sink is amenable with the euro key.

Sanitary Area Adults





Childrens Bathroom and showers
Childrens Bathroom and showers

Community Lounge

The spacious lounge room with books, board games, darts, table soccer and more is a come together place for all to be creative, play or just relax and hang out.

Dish Washing Room
For cleaning your dishes we are equipped with eight sinks and hot water.

Washing Room
The washing room offers two washing machines and two tumblers. These are operated with tokens you ought to buy at reception or the kiosk. Furthermore it offers three hand washing sinks.

Community Kitchen
In the kitchen room you find two electric hotplates, a sink, a working space and two fridges to hire. The kitchen is open for every guest.

Garbage Recycling
The garbage recycling room is open daily from 9:00 to 21:00.
It’s VERY important to stick to the recycling rules!
One has to separate the trash for:
– paper
– plastic wrappings etc. (yellow bag)
– remaining trash
– compost
– bottles / glas (container outside at the parking lot)